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Wed Open Team

2018-2019 Season


 Playoff Winners

 Congratulations to the Ab Doyle rink for being this year's champions. Well done! 



 Left to right: Rob Roy (2nd), Ab Doyle (skip), Glenn Garneys (vice), Brant Doyle (lead)


Congratulations to those who made it to the final night.

A Runner-Up: Brian Kelly

A Consolation: Glenn Owers

A Consolation Runner-Up: Dave Levecque

B Winner: Fleming Men

B Runner-Up: Michelle Greer

B Consolation: Soeun Khuth

B Consolation Runner-Up: Kevin Casselman

C Winner: Bryan Northey

C Runner-Up: Paul Killen

C Consolation: Linda Morrice

C Consolation Runner-Up: Jeff Langford 


Welcome to the Wednesday Night Curling League

This is an Open Team League (any combination of gender, age of players) which alternates between 6:30 and 8:45 draws. Due to the increased popularity of the league it is over-subscribed, so ice will be utilized on Thursday nights. This means that once or twice per draw players will have to play Thursday evening. There are usually 3 or 4 draws per season. The season usually begings mid-October and ends in early April. For more information contact James Watson at

If you are looking for a Team or a Player to complete your Team, contact James Watson and/or use the Members>Request Spare/Player/Team option to connect with other members. 


Spare Rules: Regular Season Play 


Spare Rules : There must be one regular member playing for the game to count. Spares may play any position.

Sparing Info: If you wish to SPARE in any league, Please click on your profile under the Members tab and select "Sparing Details", Check the league/Section (s) you wish to spare for plus the positions you would like to play and or any additional information you wish to provide.



Spare Rules: Playoffs 

1. Playoff games can be rescheduled prior to the posted time of the playoff game as long as both teams agree. No playoff games are allowed to be rescheduled after this time and a default must be declared.

2. All playoff games will be the full eight ends unless the game is conceded. There will be no bell, but teams are encouraged to still try to keep the game within the normal two hour pace of play.

3. If a game is tied teams play extra ends until there is a winner.

4. For ALL playoff games spares should play lead or second position. For ALL playoff games a team may utilize a maximum of two spares per game. Spares must be members of the club in good standing. A team may, in certain circumstances, want to get permission from the other team to not follow the spare rules. For example, three members of a team are sick. In this case, the team with one player would default, but if the teams still want to play for fun three spares could be used since the win will automatically go to the team not defaulting.











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