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Men Monday

Mens Monday League

2018 - 2019

Welcome to the Men's Monday Night Curling League.   First Game Monday October 15th - 6:30 pm

Our Monday Night Mens League is a Team League which alternates between 6:30 and 8:45 draws.  We combine with the Tuesday Night Mens League for the playoffs at the end of the year.  The teams will be split into 2 divisions, A and B.  At the end of each Round, the top 2 Teams from B will move to A and the bottom 2 Teams in A will move to B.

If you are looking for a Team or a Player to complete your Team, use the Members>Request Spare/Player/Team option to connect with other members. 

The club time clock rules apply to all games both early and late draws and include playoffs games.   No exceptions.   This year we will have ties if that is how the game ends, there will be no extra rocks to break tie games.

Rule Changes:           The 5 rock rule will be used for all games.

With Tie games back, the point structure is as follow:

                  A Div      B Div

Win            12            10

Loss            4              4

Tie               8              7 

Spare rule general: There must be one regular member playing for a game to count. Spares may play any position.

Spare Rule PLAYOFFs:   There must be two regular team members playing each game. Only two spares can be used per game in the playoffs -  spares must play front end. (to play front end means to throw either lead stones or second's stones)

For members who curl in both Monday & Tuesday mens leagues consider the composition of your teams carefully.  Because of the spare rule, any two teams with three or more of the same team members will be given only ONE entry into the playoffs!  

Sparing Info: If you wish to SPARE in any league, Please click on your profile under the Members tab and select "Sparing Details", Check the league/Section (s) you wish to spare for plus the positions you would like to play and or any additional information you wish to provide.

 2018 - 2019  Executive        Can you help?  We have two vacancies on the Men's Section Executive. We need new blood!  Contact: Tim Orpwood

 President Tim Orpwood
 Vice President Gary Fenn
 Treasurer Stephen Phillips
 Membership/Secretary Dean McNamee
 Monday Drawmaster  vacant
 Tuesday Drawmaster Andrew Gerritts
 Communications/Publicity vacant 
 OCA rep Enzo Tarantino



With Tie games coming back, the point structure is as follows: 

                        A Div      B Div      C Div 

 Win                  12            10            8

With Tie games coming back, the point structure is as follows: 

                        A Div      B Div   

 Win                  12            10           

Loss                   4               4                    

Tie                      8               7           

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