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The Peterborough Curling Club 


(as agreed to by the Sections Heads November 2016)

The time clock decision made Nov 8, 2016 was reviewed, and reaffirmed:

Time clock – policy

    • all sections to follow the 1 hour 50 minute clock setting, with no new end to be started once the time has expired (with the exception being if there is no following draw, in which case a half end can be played – one rock per player, at the discretion of the section)

    • Bonspiels may use the clock or not, at their own discretion

    • preferably the remote should be left by the computer near the bar, but can be taken on the ice and left on the ledge behind ice 4 if you have no one to start the clock in the lounge

    • each section is responsible to start the clock – this is not the ice makers responsibility

    • assign someone to shut off the clock after last game each night

    In order to ensure safe practices, it was decided that as long as the last rock of the end has come to a stop before the clock expires, then the next end can be played. 

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